Engineering in Pokhara

A decade back I was searching for the higher education in Pokhara, one of the beautiful and developing city of Nepal.I searched for the fields like medical,management and Engineering.Talking about Engineering, to be surprised or by my luck I came to know about three engineering colleges (at that time use of internet in Pokhara was very rare and most of people were using dial-up connection,strange !!!!!).

The first one is Western Regional Campus or Paschimanchal Campus commonly known as WRC. It is affiliated to Tribhuvan University.The WRC campus became operational in 1987 with the vision to provide diploma courses.Now the campus offers Bachelor’s Degree program in civil engineering, electronics, Computer, Mechanical, Geomatics and electrical engineering.It is one of the reputed campus in Nepal and students from various parts of the country come to achieve their higher education.

Contact :
Western Region Campus
P.O. Box : 46 , Lamachour Pokhara
Tel. : 061-440457, 440463, 440093, 440465
Fax No. : 061-440158
E-mail :
website : WRC

The second one is Gandaki College of Engineering and Science commonly known as GCES. GCES was founded in 1998 as an extension of the Gandaki Boarding School.Initially it only provide Bachelor of Science degree but later Bachelor of Engineering program was introduced.It is affiliated to the Pokhara University (PU) and follows the PU semester system and examination procedures.In 2003, GCES was admitted as a permanent member of Nepal Engineering Council.

Contact :

Gandaki College of Engineering and Science
Lamachaur, Pokhara-16 Nepal
Phone : +977-61-440866
Webiste : GCES

The third one is Pokahra Engineering College also known as PEC.Being established in 1999 and providing satisfying educational services in various sectors (bachelor and IE) of Engineering like computer,Electronics & Communication,Civil.Besides that it also provide various short term and Sub-Overseer courses.
From 2009 PEC have also commenced masters program in Construction Management.It is affiliated with Pokhara University.

Contact :

Pokhara Engineering College
Phirke, Pokhara-8, Kaski, Nepal
P.O.Box 540
Tel. No. : +977-61-531209
Fax : +977-61-528530
Email :
Website : PEC

At present there are four educational colleges that provide Bachelor of Engineering degree in Pokhara. I have mentioned about GCES,PEC and WRC. The fourth one is School Of Engineering, Pokhara University.
It was established in 2009 providing B. E. Civil and B. E. Electrical & Electronics program.

Contact :

Faculty of Science and Technology
Pokhara University
Lekhnath-12, Khudi, Dhungepatan
Kaski, Nepal
Post Box: 427
Tel : 977-61-561698
Fax : 977-61-561697
Website : School of Engineering, Pokhara University

Hope the information is useful.Happy learning

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